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Dr. Moody's monograph "Vital Info for Graduate Students, with Special Focus on Women and Under-Represented Graduate Students" has been recently updated (2007). See order form below.
This lively and demystifying booklet is often given to graduate students (and especially minority and women graduate students at all levels of their work) as well as to undergraduates who are considering graduate studies. The publication is typically used and discussed at orientations and retreats with new students; at future-faculty conferences; at McNair and other undergraduate programs' workshops; and in coaching sessions for dissertation-level scholars.  [Booklet: 20 pages. Photos. Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Contains numerous quotations from graduate students across the country.]

"We've found 'Vital Info' a marvelous publication for our students."
--Karen Lawrence, Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education, University of Pennsylvania
"This well-written bulletin has proven very valuable for our diverse student body."
--Costello Brown, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, California State University, Los Angeles
"Because 'Vital Info' is very relevant and succinct, I have ordered 250 copies for a wide variety of graduate students, including those at the dissertation level. Although the focus is on retention and success in graduate school, this ultimately has a positive impact on recruiting new students."
--Dozier Thornton, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Michigan State University
"We have used 'Vital Info' in our fall orientation. It is terrific as a bridge--it helps a student from an Historically Black College or University successfully adapt to graduate study at a predominantly white campus."
--Judith Trent, Associate Vice President for Research and Advanced Studies, University of Cincinnati
Email the following info to jamoody83@gmail.com
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Cost of "Vital Info": $5.50 each.  $5 each for orders over 25.  Plus handling and shipping for the order.
Invoice will be enclosed with the shipment. Payment will be due within 30 days.  Sorry, no credit cards.

Graduate study is a stimulating and empowering adventure. But the adventure can also be taxing and anxiety-producing at times for everyone. Unfortunately, some of you will have to cope with an added challenge: psychological isolation may be a drain on your sense of well-being and your academic productivity--if you are working in a graduate department where you, as a white woman or an under-represented student, may be vastly outnumbered. You may be the first person of color or first woman ever in the department (or perhaps only one of a few in the department). In these situations, you will have the extra burden of being a solo or a pioneer. Move quickly to reduce that burden and psychological stress. How?
In quick fashion, the author of this monograph (Dr. JoAnn Moody) will present several strategies that have proven effective in reducing stress and isolation and in increasing personal satisfaction with graduate study.
Table of Contents of "Vital Info":
*Secure Mentors
*Form Support and Study Groups
*Build Professional Support Networks
*Learn To Be Your Own Advocate and Manager
*Maintain Personal Integrity and Cultural Pride.