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Helping Early-Stage Faculty Succeed at Prof.Schools, Colleges, & Universities--how to order
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Faculty Development & Diversity Specialist
*Reducing Cognitive Errors and Improving Search, Tenure Review, and other Evaluation Processes in Academia
*Reducing Stereotype Threat on Your Campus, for Women and Minorities

*Developing Multicultural Competence, For Faculty, Students, and Staff

*Reducing Stress for New Faculty Hires

*Reducing Stress for Token (One of a Few) Non-Majority    Faculty or Students

*Being Color-Blind and Gender-Blind: An Example of Wishful Thinking

*Learning to Recognize Cognitive Errors and Shortcuts that Mar Evaluation Processes

*Learning to Rise Above Cognitive Errors and Shortcuts

*Student Advising: Good and Bad Practices for Individuals and Departments

*The Harms of Using SAT and GRE Scores in Academia

*Mentoring Students: Good and Bad Practices for Individuals and Departments

*Mentoring Junior Faculty: Good and Bad Practices for Individuals and Departments

*Chairing a Department: Good and Bad Practices

*Why and How to Organize Mentoring Programs

*Immigrants and Non-Immigrants: What Difference Does It Make in Academia?

*How to Develop a Cadre of Faculty Champions for Campus Diversity

*Diversity Dialogues for Faculty: Why and How to Organize

*Why Search Committees Represent Academia at its Most Dysfunctional

*Recruiting New Faculty: Good and Bad Practices for Individuals and Departments

*Retention of New Faculty: Good and Bad Practices for Individuals and Departments

*How to Demystify the Academic Profession for Junior Faculty, especially for Non-Majority Faculty

*Tricks of the Trade for New and Pre-tenure Faculty: Saving Time and Sanity

*What Campus Trustees Need to Know about Campus Diversity

*Differences among Intolerance, Tolerance, and Valuing Diversity

*Disadvantages and Advantages in Academia, Arising from One’s Group Memberships

*Mitigating Disadvantages Often Experienced by Women and Minorities

*Vital Info for Non-Majority Graduate Students

*Vital Info for Non-Majority Graduate Students Planning to Enter the Professoriate

*Conducting an Effective Academic Job Search: Pointers for Candidates


*Retreats for Dept. Chairs, Deans’ Councils, and entire academic departments and divisions, at a wide range of colleges and universities in the U.S.

*Campuses’ Diversity Councils and Faculty Senates

*Keynote Speech at the Joint Conference of the Women in Engineering Programs &Advocates Network and the National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Administrators

*VOICES: A Conference for Women Graduate Students in Science and Engineering

*American Council on Education

*American Association of Colleges and Universities

*National Conference on Race and Ethnicity

*Compact for Faculty Diversity’s Institute

*Council of Graduate Schools

*American Educational Research Association

*American Association for Higher Education

*Centers of Excellence in Medical Schools and Universities (U.S. Dept. of HHS)

*The Leadership Alliance of 29 campuses, headquartered at Brown University

*National Science Foundation, ADVANCE Program Officers

*Unitarian-Universalist First Church, San Diego

*Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers

*National Association of Multicultural Educators

*Association for Institutional Research

*Meetings sponsored by Ford, Mellon, Pew, Kellogg, Nellie Mae, and Sloan Foundations and by N.I.H., N.S.F., and N.A.S.A.

*National Black Graduate Student Association

*McNair Programs for undergraduate students

*MentorNet meetings and trainings

*Michigan Department of Education Conferences

*Keeping Our Faculties Conferences

*Science Network in New England, with meetings held at M.I.T.

*Institute on Women’s Leadership (at Rutgers University)

*Affirming Action Program (Ford Foundation)

*Conferences sponsored by New England Board of Higher Education, Southern Regional Education Board, Council on Institutional Cooperation, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Legal Defense and Educational Fund of the N.A.A.C.P.