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BOOKLETS: (order by email from Dr. Moody)

Rising Above Cognitive Errors
: Guidelines to Improve Faculty Searches, Evaluations, and Decison-Making
. 40pp. $9 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

Solo Faculty: Improving Retention and Reducing Stress (Guidelines for Departments and their Chairs, Deans, Mentors, Faculty Developers, and Solos Themselves)
.  40 pp. $9 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

Mentoring Early-Stage Faculty at Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools  (Resources for mentors & mentees; provosts, deans, & department chairs; organizers & evaluators of formal mentoring programs).
  40 pp.  $9 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

Demystifying the Profession: Helping Junior Faculty Succeed
(Resources for medical, law, and business schools and colleges and universities). 
This booklet is typically used by provosts, teaching and learning centers, and department chairs in orienting & supporting junior faculty. 40 pp. $9 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

Vital Info for Women & Under-Represented Graduate Students. 20 pp. $5.50 each but $5 each for orders over 25. 


Faculty Diversity: Removing the Barriers, 2nd edition. RoutledgeFalmer Press, 2012.

Book should be ordered from http://www.routledge-ny.com/ or Amazon.