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Faculty Development & Diversity Specialist

Selected Publications by Dr. Moody

  New York: Routledge, 2012.  More info at:   www.amazon.com    or    www.routledge.com      Book will be released Jan. 2012.


Rising Above Cognitive Errors: Guidelines to Improve Faculty Searches, Evaluations, and Decison-Making. (revised 2010). To order this booklet, see blue column to the left. $9 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

"Solo" Faculty: Improving Retention and Reducing Stress: Guidelines for Departments and their Chairs, Deans, Mentors, Faculty Developers, and Solos Themselves.  (resided 2010).  To order this booklet, see blue column to the left. $9 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

Mentoring Early-Stage Faculty at Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools  (Resources for mentors & mentees; provosts, deans, & department chairs; organizers & evaluators of formal mentoring programs)  revised 2010.   To order this booklet, see blue column to the left. $9 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

Demystifying the Profession: Helping Junior Faculty Succeed (Resources for medical, law, and business schools and colleges and universities)  revised 2010. Originally published by University of New Haven Press. This faculty-development booklet is used by provosts, teaching and learning centers, and department chairs throughout the country. Copies of the booklet are typically distributed and discussed with all new faculty hires. The publication is comprised of three papers:

"Pointers for Tenure-Track, Adjunct, & Other Faculty and for their Dept. Chairs, Deasn, & Senior Mentors"

“Junior Faculty: Job Stressors and How to Cope with Them—Pointers for Majority and Non-Majority Early-Stage Faculty"

        “An Action List for Department Chairs, Senior Faculty, Deans, Mentors, Provosts, and Campus Presidents.”

To order this booklet, see blue column to left.   Cost $9.00 each but $8 each for orders over 25.

Faculty Diversity: Problems and Solutions (RoutledgeFalmer Press, 2004). Book can be ordered from  www.amazon.com or www.routledge-ny.com  Second edition will be out in 2012.

"Supporting Women and Minority Faculty." Academe (Jan.-Feb. 2004).

Book review of Faculty of Color: Teaching in Predominantly White Colleges and Universities edited by Christine A. Stanley.  Dr. Moody's review appeared in The Department Chair  (Fall 2006).

"Recruiting and Retaining Women and Minority Faculty: An Interview with JoAnn Moody." Article by Nancy Carriuolo in Journal of Developmental Education (Winter 2003).

 “Departmental Good Practices—Retention of Graduate Students” in What Makes Racial Diversity Work in Higher Education edited by Frank Hale, Jr. (Stylus Pub., 2003).  

“Different Voices on Tenure." Academe (May-June 2000). This article presents views on tenure held by more than a dozen prominent minority and women professors.


“Retaining Non-Majority Faculty--What Senior Faculty Must Do." The Department Chair (Summer 1999).


Vital Info for Women and Under-Represented Graduate Students (revised 2005). Originally published by University of New Haven Press. This booklet is used throughout the country by graduate deans in sessions with graduate and dissertation-level scholars and also used by McNair and other program directors in sessions with undergraduates who are considering graduate studies. 


To order this booklet, see blue column at left.   Cost $5.50 each but $5.00 each for orders over 25.


Building a Cadre of Faculty Champions for Campus Equity & Diversity  (work in progress)

Reducing Stereotype Threat for Vulnerable Students and Faculty: Guidelines for Academic Leaders  (work in progress)

Moving from Bystander to Advocate for Campus Diversity (work in progress)

Dealing with Typical Lines of Confusion and Resistance to Campus Diversity (work in progress)