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Faculty Development & Faculty Diversity Specialist

Dr. Moody for two decades has helped colleges, universities, professional schools, and government labs rethink and improve their recruitment, mentorship, retention, evaluation, and advancement of faculty, students, researchers, and staff--especially women and U.S. under-represented minorities.  

Her book, Faculty Diversity: Removing the Barriers (2012, Routledge Press) and her five self-published booklets, arise from this extensive consulting practice. 

Dr. Moody no longer travels to campuses to offer leadership-development retreats and highly interactive, problem-based workshops. Beginning in 2016, however, Dr. Moody expects to be available for phone consultations with academic administrators and faculty leaders to help them plan their own leadership development and diversity activities. 

Such activities may include:

Training in good and bad departmental practices related to job-search, job-performance, tenure review, and other evaluation processes.

Practice for individuals so they can recognize and rise above unintended gender and racial biases as well as a dozen other cognitive shortcuts that mar peer-review and other evaluation processes. 

Constructing new checklists, protocols, and customs that will improve departmental and lab cultures.

Developing time-saving steps for improved mentoring and retaining of early-stage colleagues and new faculty hires.